Web Resume Advice – Making Your Resume Dynamic

by Donny Grover

Donald Grover Dynamic Web Resume
In the past when people focused on making their resume dynamic they meant putting action words and quantifying their experience. These things are great, but with a web resume you can get a lot more dynamic than that! Why not post a picture of yourself receiving an award right next to your accomplishments section where you state your award? They say a picture’s worth a thousand words; I say a picture’s worth at least a couple interviews!

A great example of the above statement is located on Donald Grover’s Education Section of his Dynamic Web Resume. Donald received the award for Outstanding Student Athlete of the Year from the Northeastern University Alumni Association. Then, next to his statement we put a picture of him with his award shaking hands with an Alumni Board member. Not only does this look great but it gives the potential employer instant validation that the award is not made up and it wasn’t just a formality. There was actually an awards ceremony, it is a prestigious award. This is the type of confidence and impression that a dynamic web resume can put out when you are looking to land a job or interview.

This is just one great example of how you can make your web resume dynamic. Another example, Jonathan Koop has one of the most dynamic resumes that we have made. On his “Education and Accolades” section he has two great awards that he wanted highlighted. He was featured in a Worcester Telegram and Gazette article and also on Pulse Magazine’s 27 to Watch. We simply went to the website of the publication and converted the articles to PDF form and linked them to his resume. On an old-school paper resume Jonathan would have just listed these two great accomplishments, but on his dynamic web resume Jonathan shows his potential employer how special he is! Take a look at Jonathan Koops Dynamic Web Resume. Using PDF documents on your resume has endless possibilities. If you browse through our examples you will see other applications of this. One of my favorites is putting writing or work examples on PDFs and linking them to a resume. It just makes things so much easier for the employer they do not have to email or call you for extra information because it is all right there at their finger tips. That is the goal of your web resume, to make it as easy as possible for someone to offer you an interview or job.

Never hesitate to contact Dynamic Web Resume with any questions, comments, or suggestions. We are a start-up company and have been making Web Resume for two years now. All of our resumes are edited and reviewed by a resume writing professional. Always check back to our web resume examples page to see the new examples that we have posted! Copyright 2010 – Dynamic Web Resume created by Grover Enterprises.

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