Web Resume Examples

by Donny Grover

Web Resume Examples

Custom Web Resume Examples

Please take a look at all the web resume examples. Every resume is fully customized so you may get a great idea from one of these examples that you can use on your web resume. Please take a close look at the visual elements of dynamic web resumes. Find out what can help your professional career. I highly suggest making your Custom Web Resume as dynamic as possible. When we say dynamic we mean add in content like work examples, pictures, writing samples, video, or any other helpful data. Putting your experience in the hands of future employers is an invaluable asset of Custom DWRs.

Example 1 – Video on Your Web Resume

In this example, Jay Langager is looking for a position as a teacher. He has a few great interviews from playing professional hockey. In order to show how well spoken and articulate he is we placed these interviews right on the “Introduction” section of his resume. Please take a look: Video on a Web Resume Example. The benefits of having video on your resume are endless!

Example 2 – Using PDF Files on Your Web Resume

Jonathan Koop has one of the most dynamic resumes that we have made. On his “Education and Accolades” section he has two great awards that he wanted highlighted. He was featured in a Worcester Telegram and Gazette article and also on Pulse Magazine’s 27 to Watch. We simply went to the website of the publication and converted the articles to PDF form and linked them to his resume. On an old-school paper resume Jonathan would have just listed these two great accomplishments, but on his dynamic web resume Jonathan shows his potential employer how special he is! Take a look: PDF on a Web Resume Example

Example 3 – Rotating Pictures on Your Web Resume

Having rotating pictures on your web resume adds that suttle jazz to it that catches someones eye. I’m not suggesting crazy flash animations and people claiming to be the best person in the world, these rotating pitcures are suttle additions to your resume that help people see your experience, not just read the words you tell them about it. Take a look at Amanda Stevenson’s Event Planning Section. Amanda has a great example here. On the left side she “talks” about the event she planned for Breat Cancer but, on the right she has rotating pictuers “showing” her hosting the event, speaking publicly, and people having a great time. This type of exposure about your experience in the workforce cannot be beat!

Example 4 – Brand Recognition on Your Web Resume

Your web resume is your very own marketing flyer to sell your best product, you! While applying for a job selling a major brand of active-ware, this client pushed the other great brands he had sold in the past. Take a look at the “Professional Experience” tab of Mike Null’s web resume. Under his experience with West Coast Water Sports we put in the logos of all the brands he covered. This is a great aspect of his resume. The potential employer not only reads about his experience but all those well known logos are flashed in their eyes as they are reading about Mike’s experience.

Example 5 – Using Links to Enhance your Web Resume

You can find links anywhere on the web to support your experience. Mark Pederson was applying for a head coaching position for a professional hockey team. So, we wanted to give the general managers who will be reviewing his web resume all the information we could about how much experience Mark has as a coach and a player. The first link we use in his web resume is a link to a profile of his coaching experience with the Bakersfield Condors. We tucked it in neatly after his title of “assistant coach” – Resume Link Example #1. Also, on Mark’s resume we wanted to highlight all his playing experience so in his “Player Experience” tab we included a link to a Wikipedia article about him as a hockey player. Check out Resume Link Example #2.

Example 6 – Entry Level Position Web Resume Tactics

Tylor is a recent college graduate his sample resume can help all recent college gratuates. He does not have all the experience in the world to boast about on his resume, but he will. He is building his web resume along with his experience. When he participates in volunteer activities or other great experiences that will help his resume he adds them. Eventually, he will have a great resume that he will use to get his dream job. Please do not get me wrong, your DWR will definitely help you now to obtain an entry level position! But, remember the benefits of a web resume are compounding as you build your resume. Entry Level Web Resume Example

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