Web Resume Information

by Donny Grover

Dynamic Web Resume (DWR)

   In today’s business world you need to utilize every advantage you can to get your dream job. A Dynamic Web Resume will be able to express who you really are to a potential employer. Tabbed sections and linkable data will bring more information about why you are the best candidate for the job. Today’s standards for resumes are foolish. You cannot promote yourself correctly with one sheet of paper. That’s why we at “Grover Enterprises” have developed the DWR. Please check out some dynamic web resume examples so you can understand how much information you can get to your new employer. Dynamic Web Resume is always available, much easier visually and printable. Best of all, signing up with us is cheaper than hosting a DWR that you make and maintain personally.

Our Resume Building Mission

   Our mission is to take resumes to the next level. We will strive to give you, our customer, the edge in today’s very competitive business world. Our job is to make everything as simple as possible, so you can focus on your job search not your resume.

Dynamic Web Resume’s Services

  • Create and Host Your Dynamic Web Resume
  • Make everything as simple as possible for you
  • Provide you with a personal or Dynamic Web Resume web link
  • An easy to use Content Management System (CMS) so you can update your resume by yourself at anytime
  • Customizable Print Options for Potential Employers
  • “How To” Guides for maximizing your Web Resume experience

What is a Dynamic Web Resume?

    DWR (Dynamic Web Resume) uses server side and client side programming to create an advanced web resume. This brings as much information to an employer as possible without the clutter you get when you cram everything on a sheet of paper. Every DWR is yours we customize it with you and can add in anything you want, for example pictures, links, and video. If you haven’t already, please take a look at our Dynamic Web Resume Examples Page.

Why DWR?

   The concept of a dynamic web resume came from my job hunt coming out of college. I felt like there was so much about myself that I couldn’t fit it on my 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper resume. You should feel the same way too! I had many great mentors, who are very successful in the business world that would meet with me to discuss my resume and other job related subjects. Everyone had a different opinion on what the best information is to put on the small amount of area that you have to promote yourself. Personally, I was a professional and collegiate athlete, one mentor would tell me to push that because employers will look at that as hard work, discipline, and that I have the ability to work with a group. While, other mentors would say that me wasting 4″ on athletics would be an indication that I am only experience in athletics and not the job at hand. I totally agreed with both sides. Therefore, I have eliminated the problem with Dynamic Web Resumes. The tabbed sections allow you to get so much more information onto your resume without cluttering it or forcing an employer to read something they are not interested in. If they don’t care about athletics or anything on the resume they don’t have to open that section. It’s that simple.

Standard Elements of your Web Resume

   The standard elements of your DWR will immensely enhance your paper resume. From the examples, you can see that the standard DWR allows you to expand on all areas of your resume without taking up the small amount of space allotted to a paper resume. Also, you can add in links to other sites that can help the potential employer get to know you, your education, and your experience a lot better. Some useful links include; the home page of the companies you have worked for: links to university rankings to validate the worth of your education: and links to events you have worked on that can show the level of your professionalism.

Custom Dynamic Web Resume

   Custom DWRs allow you to be really creative. We can work with you to maximize the potential employers experience when they visit your Dynamic Web Resume. Videos and pictures that help show your experience will awe all visitors to your DWR. PDFs of writing samples, college course descriptions, and examples of your work will make your experience and education vivid to the viewer. The sky is the limit with Custom DWRs, we will provide you with great suggestions and also bring your ideas to life. You must check out our Resume Example Page to see all the great ideas clients have used to customize their resumes.

Personal Domain

   Your own personal domain name will validate your stamp in the business world. We can set up your DWR domain to be anything that is available. Instead of your resume being located at www.DynamicWebResume.com/yourname, you can simply go to www.yourname.com.

Web Resume Content Management System

A content management system (cms) brings the power of the web and your resume to your fingertips. We teach you how to use it and set you up with your own personal log-in. As seen from the screen shot below, it is easier than using a word processor. You will talk with your resume specialist and set up the different aspects of your resume you want to make editable. The cover letter for example is the best place to make editable. You can go in at anytime and update your cover letter or change it.