Instagram More Business Than Personal?

by Donny Grover

Is your Instagram more business than personal? If so, we suggest that you convert it over to a business account. In this very transparent social media age, everything is your resume. Anything were a business contact or potential employer sees you is a chance to promote yourself.

Essentially, we are saying that your Instagram is now your resume.. or part of it. Here is what we suggest, have two accounts. Your current account has probably been littered with too many business contacts. That is fine, it happens to all of us, just roll with it.

Boostlikes has a great article with details on how to convert your personal account over to a business account, check it out here:

We are not trying to steal away your fun, after converting your current account over to a business account, go ahead and create another account and make sure to keep it tight so you don’t have business contacts littering it. This are a few great things about this, first off, you don’t have to be that weird person who acts like they don’t have instagram when they are at a business event. Yes, most people under 40 have an account, don’t be one of those weirdos who lies about it because you don’t want to give out their handle.

Have your “business account” give that out, Instagram is great on switching between accounts so you will have a seamless experience. Also, since you have this dedicated business account you can use it as a tool to grow your business clout. Go ahead start liking and following various businesses and contacts, put your business accomplishments on here and build a little dossier of an experienced business executive.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you need any help. We can definitely update your resume and build you our a dynamic web resume, just contact us: [email protected]


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