Web Resume Pricing

by Donny Grover

Dynamic Web Resume Pricing Information

1. Web Resume Design with a Professional Resume Specialist:


2. Personal Domain, Hosting and Content Management System:

$15 per year

This price can not be beat. Normal prices just for a domain name are about $12 per year. With Dynamic Web Resume You just spend $15 and get your domain, high speed hosting, and a great content management system to edit your resume on your own at any time. If you have any questions about these prices or our content management system please email [email protected].

For these reasonable prices, we will create a Dynamic Web Resume for you, purchase your domain, set-up a content management account and host your resume. We make it as simple as possible for you. Starting out you will send us your resume, then we create a DWR. You will work closely with one of our resume specialist to build a stand out resume. Next, we will set up your content management account so you can use our easy system to edit your resume on your own at anytime.