What is a DWR?

A dynamic web resume is a website resume that allows you to add unlimited resources to your resume. It is always available and easly distributed to your social contacts through your very own URL. Visit our resume information page to read more about the history and idea of web resumes.

Dynamic Web Resume

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  • Your resume content edited and critiqued by a resume professional.
  • Custom designed web resume including video, pictures, pdf’s and anything else you want to include.
  • Personal domain name and ad-less hosting for your web resume.
  • An easy to use Content Management System (CMS) so you can update your resume by yourself at anytime.
... much more!!!

Using Resume Keywords

by Donny Grover

Using resume keywords is an important strategy for your resume.

Many employers use database technology to store and search the resumes that are sent to them by potential employees. Employers and recruiters search these databases using industry-specific keywords. Keywords are nouns and phrases that highlight technical and professional areas of expertise, industry-related jargon, achievements, projects, task forces, job titles, etc.

IF your resume does not contain at least some of the keywords that the employer is using, then your resume will be skipped by the computer, even if you have all of the experience and skills required by the job.

Multiple Pages on your Paper Resume

by Donny Grover

Going past a one page resume

Ok, so we are going to kill two myths with one stone here. First off, believe it or not, we at Dynamic Web Resume do still believe in having a paper resume. Your Web Resume and paper resume should work together. A paper resume is so traditional and is the current norm so you cannot 100% trade your old paper resume in for your shiny new Dynamic Web Resume.

The second myth has to do with the length of your paper resume. People always say keep it short and all on one page. I get resumes in everyday where people go down to 8 point font to try and fit everything into one page. Do you really want to make a potential employer squint their old eyes trying to read your resume?

Take a Resume Workshop

by Donny Grover

Take a resume workshop

This resume workshop provides detailed explanations, as well step-by-step processes, for creating an effective resume. The Purdue OWL also maintains resume quick tips resources and a resume PowerPoint slide presentation. Please visit those resources for shorter discussions of the resume.

What is a resume?

A resume (also spelled résumé) is a brief document that summarizes your education, employment history, and experiences that are relevant to your qualifications for a particular job for which you are applying. The purpose of a resume (along with your cover letter) is to get an interview. Research has shown than it takes an average of ten (10) interviews to receive one (1) job offer, so your resume needs to be persuasive and perfect. Given this, your resume must be user-centered and persuasive.

Put Volunteer Work on Your Resume

by Donny Grover

Dynamic Web Resume Volunteer Work
This is a great article about adding volunteer work into your web resume. It comes from the University of Texas and is written by Susan Ellis. As always with the Dynamic Web Resume, we take these great lessons and translate them into a web resume format. That means you should take your volunteer experience and bring it to life by adding pictures or video onto your web resume volunteer section. If you have any questions on how to bring your resume alive please contact us at Donny@DynamicWebResume.com.

Put Volunteer Work on Your Resume

When you are looking for a job, your resume gets your foot in the door. It represents you to a potential employer and you want it to stand out from the resumes of the other applicants. One way to capture the interest of an employer is to show that you are an involved citizen — someone who works to make the community a better place to live. In other words, make sure your volunteer work appears on your resume.

Writing a Cover Letter for a Web Resume

by Donny Grover

Writing a cover letter for a web resume is a little different than for a paper resume. First off, you have to understand the scope of readers you will have on your web resume. More people will be seeing your web resume so you have to write your cover letter a little more generalized. You still should focus on your acheivements and quantifying your experience. But, when it comes to defining your career goals and objectives you must leave a lot for the reader to fill-in. If your too specific on the job you desire then you may elimate yourself from those random job offers that may steer you in another direction. Many Dynamic Web Resume customers contact us with a story of how they recieved a job offer from a random company who was searching for a new employee!

Curriculum Vitae and Web Resumes – Differences

by Donny Grover

CV vs Resume Dynamic Web Resume
You have to upgrade your resume to a CV its time, but you do not know where to start. That is why Dynamic Web Resume has provided you with a strong database of curriculum vitae help files. Some topics include: general curriculum vitae guidelines, what to include on your CV, What is a curriculum vitae, and which fields require or suggest a curriculum vitae.

1. What is a Curriculum Vitae?
A curriculum vitae (singular form, noun), meaning “course of (one’s) life, (vee-tie or vi-tee) is a document that gives much more detail than does a resume about your academic and professional accomplishments. Curricula vitae (plural form, noun) are most often used for academic or research positions, whereas resumes are the preferred documents in business and industry.

Web Resume Advice – Making Your Resume Dynamic

by Donny Grover

Donald Grover Dynamic Web Resume
In the past when people focused on making their resume dynamic they meant putting action words and quantifying their experience. These things are great, but with a web resume you can get a lot more dynamic than that! Why not post a picture of yourself receiving an award right next to your accomplishments section where you state your award? They say a picture’s worth a thousand words; I say a picture’s worth at least a couple interviews!

Web Resume Advice: Update and Revise

by Donny Grover

web resume advice
Keeping your web resume up to date makes you climb the latter instead of doing the horizontal shuffle. In the U.S. today we are experiencing a ridiculous 9.5% unemployment rate. The employment turnover these days is out of control. College educated people are now accepting jobs managing McDonald’s. So, when they get offered your job for half the price they are going to take it and your back in the applicant pool with an upsetting severance package.

A deeper look into the statistics of employment will show you how important it is to keep an up to date resume. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that baby boomers help an average of 10.8 jobs between the ages of 18-42. Having a strong and up to date web resume will help you make these 10 job changes all in the right direction, up and with more money!

Pictures in the Cover Letter of your Web Resume

by Donny Grover

using a photo on your resume
This is another topic that web resumes have really changed compared to old school paper resumes. At Dynamic Web Resume, we highly suggest that you use a professional looking headshot picture on your web resume. You focus and our focus when making your web resume is to give the potential employer as much information about you as possible. What you look like is definitely part of that information. An employer feels more comfortable knowing what you look like when going into an interview. They reviewed your web resume seen your friendly and professional looking picture and are comfortable when they meet your for an interview. During the interview you want the interviewer to be focused on your qualifications not the fact that you look different than they expected.