Web Resume Advice: Update and Revise

by Donny Grover

web resume advice
Keeping your web resume up to date makes you climb the latter instead of doing the horizontal shuffle. In the U.S. today we are experiencing a ridiculous 9.5% unemployment rate. The employment turnover these days is out of control. College educated people are now accepting jobs managing McDonald’s. So, when they get offered your job for half the price they are going to take it and your back in the applicant pool with an upsetting severance package.

A deeper look into the statistics of employment will show you how important it is to keep an up to date resume. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that baby boomers help an average of 10.8 jobs between the ages of 18-42. Having a strong and up to date web resume will help you make these 10 job changes all in the right direction, up and with more money!

Employees from the age of 18-22 experience the highest job turn-over rate. 72% of jobs will be over within a year and 94% within 5 years. These results are startling! Most people especially in this age range apply to their next job with the same resume as the first. How do you expect to move up in the business world without compounding your experience and education?

Yes, the above example deals with a very volatile age group. However, the statistics do not get much better. By 35 people expect to have security and a steady job, but the numbers are not looking to secure. The age group of 38-42 shows high employment turnover as well. 31% of jobs last less than a year and 65% are over within 5 years. Who do you want to be? The 38 year old getting a new job because he is moving up the latter to more money and power or the 38 year old moving horizontally with stagnant wages.

My solution to this problem is to first off get your web resume from Dynamic Web Resume. Then, keep it up to date! Set an appointment in your datebook every 3-6 months. Spend an hour revising and updating your resume. You never know when you are going to need your resume. Think about your mindset during a tough time. Your 40 years old 3 years into a great job and you’re axed due to cutbacks because of the economy. Every emotion in the world is flowing through your head… Car bills, children’s tuition, and a mortgage. How are you going to be able to sit down and express the great work you have done over the past 3 years? Keeping your resume up to date will help you turn setbacks into unexpected surprises!

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