Hockey Coach Resume – Sample Coach Resumes

by Donny Grover

Hockey Coach Resume

Hockey coach resumes are on their way to becoming Dynamic Web Resume’s forte. In the past month 8% of our visitors were looking for information on hockey coach resumes. This is pretty good for a site that didn’t even have any information on the subject. We have designed a few resumes for hockey coaches but haven’t really focused on it as a selling point for the company, so here we go all the pro’s on why a hockey coach should have a web resume!

Many coaches overlook their resume because they are x-players. As a hockey player you don’t really need a resume: Various websites have your stats, your agent gets the word out, and your contacts talk you up. Stepping into the world of coaching is much different. A coach is a job, a managerial position at that. Owners and GM’s of teams are not going to hire a manager of their company because they seen a couple nice fights of them on YouTube. They need someone that is responsible, organized, and experienced. This is where a Dynamic Web Resume comes into play.

A hockey coach web resume clearly outlines your experience as both a player and coach. One great example of this is a hockey coach resume for Mark Pederson. Mark’s resume is cleanly divided into three main sections, Cover Letter, Coaching Experience, and Player Experience. When designing his resume, he wanted to focus on the Coaching Experience he had and doing that all in one page (like a regular paper resume) was not possible. Whatever way you put it, his playing experience was dwarfing his budding coaching experience. So, this is a simple solution when creating a web resume, divide and conquer. Separating his experience allows owner’s and GM’s reviewing his resume to focus on one thing or the other. They see his coaching experience and all the various responsibilities he had as a coach. Then, they switch over to his playing experience and see he is immensely experienced there as well.

Hockey coach resume cover letters are the most interesting part. They give potential employers a quick glance at the type of coach they are researching. On Mark’s resume for example, his cover letter states: “The first thing I learned as head coach is that the assistant coach makes suggestions but the head coach makes decisions.” Right away this shows owners and GM’s that he is bold, decisive, and trusts himself. These are obviously great qualities in a coach.

Please check out Mark Pederson’s resume and also Dave MacIsaac’s Hockey Coach Resume. If your thinking about a coaching resume or interested in more information do not hesitate to contact me. I have experience critiquing hundreds of resumes and feel passionately about how much a web resume can help a hockey coach, player, or anyone seeking a job!

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