Objective and Summary Statements

by Donny Grover

Web Resume – Objective and Summary Statements

Most employers do not read objective statements. Ninety-five percent of the employers who contributed to this guide recommended that you do not use an objective. However, when discussing objective statements, employers agreed that if you use one, make it direct and to the point. Not too broad yet not too narrow. Everyone wants a challenging position which utilizes their skills. This is not an appropriate objective statement. Stating the occupation you are seeking and being industry specific is more effective.

Some Examples of Objective Statements

Objective: To obtain a position as a legal secretary in real estate law.

Objective: Seeking an administrative/managerial position in a non-profit offering opportunity for professional growth.

Objective: To obtain a materials management position in a dynamic high-technology manufacturing company.

Objective: An individual contributor as a systems/analyst/programmer in commercial data processing environment.

Some employers suggested that job seekers incorporate their objective into the cover letter. If you use an objective statement, there is no need for a skills summary at the top of your resume. Concerning skills summaries at the top of a resume, employers generally agreed on key points. Whether you utilize skills summaries or not is a personal preference. If you do use one, make sure:

  • You put only the skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for
  • The skills should also be linked to the job they were performed in

Employers do not want to work to find your skills and accomplishments. One hundred percent of the employers we talked to said the first thing they look for in a resume is the particular skills and experience they need in your two most recent jobs. Do not bury information in lengthy or wordy paragraphs. Explain your skills and accomplishments in simple terms. Bullet points are recommended; however, paragraph form is acceptable.


Experienced laboratory professional with in-depth knowledge of all technical administrative functions of a clinical laboratory.

  • Implemented a new quality system which facilitated a faster and more accurate means of inspection, saving $50,000 per year
  • Coordinated the hospital-wide Infection Control Program, including surveillance and evaluations of all infections

Some job seekers like to utilize summary statements at the top of their resumes. Employers prefer this method only if you are highlighting hard skills like hardware or software knowledge, typing speed, or other specific skills. If you utilize a summary statement, be sure to incorporate accomplishment statements which are quantifiable. These accomplishments must relate to your work history and also to the job you want to get.

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