Pictures in the Cover Letter of your Web Resume

by Donny Grover

using a photo on your resume
This is another topic that web resumes have really changed compared to old school paper resumes. At Dynamic Web Resume, we highly suggest that you use a professional looking headshot picture on your web resume. You focus and our focus when making your web resume is to give the potential employer as much information about you as possible. What you look like is definitely part of that information. An employer feels more comfortable knowing what you look like when going into an interview. They reviewed your web resume seen your friendly and professional looking picture and are comfortable when they meet your for an interview. During the interview you want the interviewer to be focused on your qualifications not the fact that you look different than they expected.

At Dynamic Web Resume we are fully aware of some of the common misconceptions with using a picture on your resume. In the past it may have been a mistake to put your picture on your resume but that is the past. Issues like age-discrimination, gender-discrimination, racisms, and many more are a lot less prevalent in today’s business world for two main reasons. The first and most obvious is the fact that racism and other types of discrimination are being dwindled out of our society. The previous statement is obviously bold, but the fact is that in United States we have an African-American president who had a tight race with a Female candidate to win the Democratic nomination. The second reason why you will no longer see discrimination in the work place is our struggling economy. Managers have to do whatever it takes to do well in this rough economy. They will not discriminate against a woman or older job applicant; they will get the best person for the job.

Now that we have strongly disproved the reasons against putting a picture on your resume let’s review the benefits. First, I feel that providing a headshot on your resume compounds your personal professionalism. A small smile and friendly face will make any employer comfortable about bringing you in for an interview or hiring you. The comfort of the employer is your number one goal in developing your resume they must feel comfortable about your education, experience, skills, and ultimately you. Secondly, we are not all beggars here. You do not want to work in a workplace that does not like you. If you are trying to hide your race, age, or gender in your resume because a certain job opportunity only hires a certain gender or race. Do you really want to work there? Is that particular company producing at 100% when they are not hiring the best people for the job? These types of business practices are very detrimental to a company in the long run. You do not want to invest your trust, time, and experience into a company that is not making the right decisions.

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