Objective/Qualifications Summary

by Donny Grover

Objective/Qualifications Summary

Any of the following terms may be used as your career objective, qualifications summary or profile. Please remember to be succinct and avoid such objective statements as, “Seeking an opportunity that fits my education and experience that will allow me to advance in the company.” Such statements say nothing about what you have to offer, only vaguely describes what you want.


Career Objective


Summary of Qualifications

Qualifications Summary

Key Qualifications


Career Summary

Career Profile

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Qualifications Summary

Some people choose to use a qualifications summary instead of a career objective. This is a list of the strongest qualifications you can bring to the job and should be tailored to each application.

Some applicants may choose not to use this section. It is optional. However a well crafted Summary of Qualifications may encourage the employer to read more of your resume. This can be one of the defining elements of your resume. The employer will typically scan your resume for sixty seconds and look for key words and this section allows you place those key words in a clearly marked location.


  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong ability to effectively multi-task in a fast-paced office environment
  • Motivated towards achieving set goals and deadlines in a timely manner
  • Experienced in customer service and warranty claims
  • Professional and energetic work attitude

Career Objective

Some job seekers choose to give their resume focus by starting with a career objective. This is helpful when your experiences do not indicate a particular career direction. If your career direction is obvious based on your education and experiences, such as teaching, an objective may not be needed. If you choose to use a Career Objective, avoid flowery phrases, clichés and vague general language. A Career Objective must focus on a function, an industry or the skills you wish to use.


  • An entry-level position in arts administration
  • Writing, Research and Copy Editing Professional
  • An internship in a biochemical research lab

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