Qualifications Summary for Web Resumes

by Donny Grover

Qualifications Summary

The qualifications summary, which evolved from the objective, is an overview designed to quickly answer the employer’s question “Why should I hire you?” It lists a few of your best qualifications and belongs below your contact information or objective statement.

A qualifications summary, like an objective, is optional. It can be particularly effective for applicants with extensive or varied experience because it prevents the important facts from being lost among the details. Most resume writers choose either an objective or a summary, but some use both.

Summarized Qualifications

This is one of the most important parts of your resume. The “Job Objective” or “Summary of Qualifications” section powerfully illustrates your top selling points. Most job seekers exclude this information, but this is an ideal way to get noticed-fast. This is a section of the America’s Job Bank Resume Builder.

Summary of Qualifications:

This section highlights key skills areas and is intended to draw attention to the specific skills that you posses and can offer the company.

  • This section should be in the form of a paragraph or short list with skills listed as bullets or bullet statements
  • This is a good place to catch the employer’s interest and “sell” your best qualities up front

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