Qualifications Summary Help

by Donny Grover

Qualifications Summary

  • Generally, employers will spend less than 10 seconds screening your resume the first time. Their goal is to eliminate as many candidates as possible and concentrate on the best. Therefore, highlighting your qualifications early in the resume is an effective way to improve your chances for consideration.
  • While a job objective states what you want, a qualifications summary states what you know.
  • A summary consists of three or four statements of your best qualifications that tell the reviewer why you are the ideal candidate for the job. It is similar to the blurb on the back of a book or the trailer to a movie. It should capture the essence of your experience, skills and traits. It is a good place to insert “keywords” for electronic scanning.
  • It belongs below your contact information or objective statement. Most resume writers choose either an objective statement or summary, but some use both.
  • A summary works well for applicants with extensive or varied experience because it prevents the important facts from being lost among the details.

Sample Summary Statements:

  • A Sales Manager with 12 years experience in expanding territories and profits to exceptional levels. A hands-on team player skilled at developing staff and increasing morale while enhancing the bottom line.
  • An Office Administrator with over five years of secretarial and administrative experience. Special strengths in scheduling, coordinating, desktop publishing, and handling correspondence. A loyal, punctual, self-disciplined worker.
  • Ten years experience in the design and delivery of PC training programs, with a focus on customized software applications and solutions. Ability to translate internal customer needs into technology solutions and communicate implementation through state-of-the-art training.
  • Over 8 years hands-on experience with automotive electronics, electronic fuel delivery systems, and computers. A responsible, capable, and hardworking service technician who adapts well to both domestic and foreign car repair.

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