Sections of a Resume – Summary of Qualifications

by Donny Grover

Sections of a Resume: Summary of Qualifications

  • Highlights your key skill areas – draws attention to specific skills that support your job goal
  • Can either be done in paragraph form or as a bulleted list
  • Should include your Security Clearance if you have one. Remember to have your resume cleared by your Security Manager.
  • Time to “brag” about your best qualities – your “greatest hits”

Hints For Writing Qualification Statements

  • Draw the reader’s attention to specific skills that you possess and can offer the company.
  • Look for key words in the job announcement and write qualification statements that highlight those key words
  • Can either be written as a short paragraph or short list with 4-5 bullet statements.
  • This is your time to brag about your best qualities.
  • List your certifications, licenses or security clearance if required for the position.

Example #1: Summary of Qualifications for a Law Enforcement Professional

Law enforcement professional with a degree in criminal justice. Qualifications include 15 years’ experience in international and homeland security, outstanding leadership capability managing large security teams, knowledge of patrol, search and rescue, investigative and criminal procedures. Ability to handle deadline-oriented and crisis situations. Sharpshooter and expert marksman qualifications. Active Top Secret Clearance.

Example #2: Summary of Qualifications for Human Resources Manager

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Development and Process Improvement
  • Training Development and Delivery
  • Compensation and Benefits Administration
  • Management and Supervision
  • Resource Allocation and Administration
  • Planning and Budget Management
  • Legal Compliance

Example #3: Summary of Qualifications for a Network Administrator

Solutions-oriented IT professional with experience in Network Administration, Network Support and Help Desk services

  • Knowledge of LAN/WAN network administration
  • Expert capabilities for hardware, software and networking issues
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Certifications: MCSE Windows 2000 and CCNA
  • Hardware: Desktops, servers, laptops, modems, network cards, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Systems: Windows NT/2000, SCO Unix, Windows 95/97XP

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